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Another solution: the Powerline kit

This consists of two devices which use electricity as their network. The first one is connected to the modem with an Ethernet cable and plugged in a power outlet. The second one can be plugged in any power outlet according to the spots in your home where you need better Wi-Fi coverage.

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Discreet and easy to install, devices can be plugged in any power outlet.
Requires a quality electrical installation.


Wi-Fi Mesh

How does it work?

Mesh architecture consists in setting up a network of Wi-Fi hotspots that communicate with each other. In this case, the FRITZ!Box acts as the main router, while peripheral devices such as access points, repeaters or powerlines are placed at strategic spots across your home.

What are the benefits?

Unlike standard networks, Mesh architecture tends to be more efficient because devices are linked with each other, instead of just connecting to the main router. This means that in case one of the devices fails, another one can automatically take over.

Another major benefit is that your devices automatically connect to the best available access point according to where you are in your home. The Mesh network therefore offers you a wider Wi-Fi coverage across your place. In addition, setup is a breeze! The diagram below illustrates the architecture of a Mesh network.


  • Easy to install
  • Uniform and more stable connectivity
  • Stronger Wi-Fi signal
  • Simplified device management
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Quick Mesh setup guide

Most FRITZ! products from AVM are compatible with Mesh architecture. To set up your devices, just follow these instructions:

1. Updating the FRITZ!Box's firmware
The minimum FRITZ!OS 7 is required.

  • Access the FRITZ!Box interface by typing fritz.box in the search bar of your internet browser.

2. Update your FRITZ! products

  • Once the modem is up to date, click 'Home Network / Mesh'.
  • Perform all visible updates in the home network preview where these are available.
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Your Wi-Fi Mesh is now set up!
Your connected devices are represented by the Mesh symbol in the FRITZ!Box interface. All future FRITZ!Box products will be compatible.

Wi-Fi essentials

Your modem must be clean and clearly visible

To be at the top of its efficiency, the Wi-Fi modem must be placed in a clear space and preferably at chest height. Do not enclose the unit or place objects on it. Also remember to dust it regularly.

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Get rid of obstacles!

Some materials, such as reinforced concrete, brick or marble, act as obstacles to Wi-Fi waves. Smaller objects like wireless devices, microwaves, mirrors, aquariums, or even strings of lights (e.g. Christmas lights), can also disrupt your wireless network.

Make sure your modem is at a distance from these obstacles.

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Wi-Fi can be slow down because too many people are connected

If many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network at the same time, the connection can be slowed down. Simultaneous surfing and downloads share the bandwidth of the Wi-Fi network and decreases its performance for individual users. In this case, remember to disconnect devices you do not use.

Check the condition of your equipment

You have a new modem, but your computer starts to get old? Your Wi-Fi performance may be degraded. The same is true if your devices are infected with malware.

Favor the use of recent equipment. Also, be sure to keep them healthy by implementing anti-malware software.

Go for Ethernet

You manage a business, you are a passionate gamer, or you do telecommuting ... And you need a high-performance connection at all costs? We strongly recommend that you opt for an ethernet cable connection. Unlike Wi-Fi, it will ensure speed and stability avoiding flow losses.

Check your Wi-Fi channel

For wifi networks, only limited radio frequencies are available. These are divided into 13 receiving channels. This division avoids interference with other household appliances. However, today, modems with the Wi-Fi feature are very common. Thus, the waves of dozens of modems overlap daily, which can cause the congestion of a particular channel. As a result, different disorders can occur. That can cause the Internet speed to be reduced or cause short-term interruption with in the Wi-Fi.

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guides wifi

Manually change the Wi-Fi channel

  1. In your browser, type in the URL fritz.box or to open the menu of your FRITZ!Box.
  2. From the left menu select Wireless and then Radio Channel.
  3. For Use of Wireless LAN Channels look for the diagram and find the best receiving channel, i.e. the one with the lowest blue pillar.
  4. Under Radio Channel Settings, select Adjust radio channel settings which will allow you to select the channel you want to tune.
  5. Click Apply on the page below to save the changes.
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Over the next few days, observe the wireless connection. If no improvement is observed, repeat the entire procedure with a different channel. Select the channel that is least busy.

Please note: The diagram of the wireless environment only reflects the current situation! The channel allocation can change significantly from one day to the next.

Securing your network

It is no secret that a cable network is much safer than a Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, it is important to secure your wireless network. First, go to the user interface of the FRITZ!Box.

  1. In your browser, type in the URL fritz.box or to open the menu of your FRITZ!Box.
  2. If a password is requested, enter the password indicated on the label on the bottom of the modem.
  3. Then click on Wireless [Radio Network] in the menu bar on the left.
  4. You can now make the following changes to secure your wifi network.
Change the name of your Wi-Fi network
Hide your Wi-Fi network
Filter the connected devices
Change the Wi-Fi password

Edit the name of your network here. Click 'Apply' to save changes.

Click 'Wireless radio network enabled' > 'Apply'.

Click 'Apply' to save changes.

Be careful not to use any personal information, such as your first and last name.

To add another device, you must deactivate this option.

To add another device, you must deactivate this option.

Be sure to create a complex password.

Change the radio frequency

Under a frequency band, radio waves are transmitted on a certain frequency spectrum. Most modern modems automatically use not only the usual 2.4 GHz frequency but also the 5 GHz range. Both have some advantages or disadvantages. At a frequency of 5 GHz, however, the disturbances are virtually eliminated.

Opting for the frequency most suited to your needs may be a possible solution to improve your comfort of use.

Please note: this does not apply to all devices.

2,4 GHz
5 GHz


  • Higher range
  • High penetration through materials

  • Faster speed
  • More resistant to interference


  • More sensitive to interference
  • Slower

  • Lower range
  • Not compatible with all devices

  • Start an internet browser and enter the URL fritz.box or in the address bar. The user interface of the FRITZ!Box should now appear.
  • In the Wireless menu, click Radio Channel.
  • Activate the option Adjust radio channel settings.
  • In the Wireless standard drop-down list, select the 802.11n + a standard.
  • Click Apply to save the changes.
  • Restore the Wi-Fi connection to the FRITZ!Box.

If the connection does not improve sufficiently, the cause of the Wi-Fi issue is within the surrounding environment.

What is Wi-Fi?

The word Wi-Fi stands for 'Wireless Fidelity'. It’s a technology which connects (Wi-Fi) devices by radio waves. No cables needed to connect devices (computer, smartphone, modem …) to the internet. Nowadays it is present everywhere, from within the home to on the streets.

Contrary to Ethernet cable connection, the Wi-Fi speed varies depending on your environment. That's why, by following a few simple recommendations, you can easily improve the performance of your Wi-Fi network.

Here are all the tips to apply in order to make the most of your Wi-Fi internet with Luxembourg Online!

Do you have a problem? We have a solution!

My Wi-Fi doesn’t work

  1. Make sure your device is not out of range of the modem.
  2. First, make sure that Wi-Fi is enabled on your device or modem.
  3. Check the network name (SSID) to make sure your device is connected to the correct network.
  4. Make sure you have entered the password correctly.
  5. Check in the FRITZ!Box interface that your Wi-Fi network is set to visible.
  6. Check if your modem is correctly configured or connected.
  7. Check in the FRITZ!Box interface that adding new devices is correctly enabled.

I lost my Wi-Fi password

  1. If the password has been changed, or if you lost it, you can recover it and modify it by accessing the interface of your modem. Just follow Tip n°3: secure your network! : wifi. You will find the password under the 'Wireless' section.

Not satisfied with the wireless speed?

  1. Follow the tips in the section Wi-Fi essentials.
  2. Test your speed by network cable at www.speedtest.net.Run the test on different days and at different times of the day, then compare the results to your Wi-Fi speed.

Wi-Fi outages

  1. Check your Wi-Fi channel (Check the Wi-Fi channel).
  2. Check if the disturbances also occur with other devices.
  3. If your modem is powered by a filter, disconnect the modem from the filter and plug your modem's connection cable directly into the phone jack without using the filter. Check again if you have an internet connection.
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