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Wi-Fi everywhere at home

To enjoy a reliable connection in every corner of your home, Luxembourg Online offers a wide range of Wi-Fi equipment which is easy to install. Even if you already have Wi-Fi in your home or office, our solutions extend your existing network and ensure a better reception.

The Wi-Fi Mesh

Consists of configuring one or more complementary devices to your modem, in order to create a network of Wi-Fi access points which will communicate with each other to provide wider Wi-Fi coverage.
Placed at strategic locations in your home, your devices will automatically connect to the most powerful access point.

FRITZBOX wifi REAPETER wifi devices

Do you have an optimal Wi-Fi reception?

Test and improve your Wi-Fi in 3 easy steps!

Test your Wi-Fi
Thanks to the Repeater,
Wi-Fi struggles are over
You can use the device as a repeater or as a wireless access point (WAP)
shema wap

WAP setup

In WAP mode, the device is linked to the modem with an Ethernet cable and the Wi-Fi signal is spread by the repeater.

signal quality
shema repeater

Repeater Setup

In Repeater mode, the device picks up the existing signal and repeats it where you have placed it. The setup is very simple: you only need to plug the device to the power outlet you want.

Easy to install
and move
Hardware specifications

Best Wi-Fi service

During your installation, our expert teams verify the Wi-Fi signal and analyse your home's specifications. Together we determine the best solution to boost your Wi-Fi's performance!



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