About Luxembourg Online

Discover our story.
For 20 years, client satisfaction has been our primary aim. It is one of our principle values.

20 years

Luxembourg Online was founded in 1995 and is one of Luxembourg‘s principal telecoms operators. Providing internet access, fixed telephone, mobile telephones, television (IPTV), network development and computer software engineering, Luxembourg Online has been present as an expert in the telecom field for over 20 years.

Luxembourg Online is a 100% privately-owned company, with over 100 employees over 3 sites.

To this day, over 30 000 private and corporate clients entrust their communications requirements with Luxembourg Online.

A main player

Since its creation, Luxembourg Online‘s objective has been to provide its clients with the best performing internet connection possible.

In order to achieve this, the company has invested heavily in the national internet network, predominantly in fiber optics. Thus, Luxembourg Online manages it‘s own network in the Grand-Duchy, which covers the entirety of the country.

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Our values

Luxembourg Online is firmly rooted within the luxembourgish market. Having been founded over 20 years ago, Luxembourg Online is the second oldest telecoms operator in the Grand-Duchy.

The development and respect of company-specific values is an essential element in its sustainability.

Customer satisfaction

Due to our loyal clients, Luxembourg Online has been growing over the last 20 years and therefore we aim to satisfy and value our customers. Our multilingual helpdesk, which is open 6 days a week, and our dedicated sales team are trained in providing the management and support of our customer‘s issues.


Luxembourg Online provides and owns it‘s internet architecture and technology within the Luxembourg network and is therefore at the forefront of independant development of it‘s services and products.


Luxembourg Online was one of the innovators of the internet technology in the Grand-Duchy. It‘s teams are therefore highly trained and have adapted to meet the high-tech needs of the telcoms market in Luxembourg.

Data Management

With new technologies, data protection has become one of our priorities. Luxembourg Online will not use, transfer or use a client‘s details without their explicit consent.

Our history

Launch of the online subscription.

Launch of LOLVISIO.


Luxembourg Online celebrates its 20th Birthday !


Launch of unbundled optical fiber network.


Launch of LOLTV, the IPTV solution.


Became a UMTS-license holder.


Launch of the mobile network LOLMOBILE.


Launch of VOIP service.


Launch of the preselect telephone Contracts enabling cheaper communications.


Launch of high-speed Internet access.

Launch of Internet access via cable TV


Became a A-license holder.

Launch of Internet subscription packages (Internet "free free").


Introduction of a nationwide free Internet access.


Launch of the e-commerce platform.


Création de Luxembourg Online.