Over the past few years, we have been developing a set of tools and services that allow our employees to work seamlessly, whether at home or at the office.

 Nous avons dorénavant regroupé ces outils qui ont fait leurs preuves dans notre nouveau service LOLHome Office.

WithLOLHome Office you can easily set up your remote (home) office work environment for all your usual office tasks. More importantly, with LOLHome Office you can switch back and forth between remote and normal office mode, with minimal impact on your colleagues who themselves may be in remote or normal office mode.

Here is the range of tools we use on a daily basis and which will enable you to work both from the office and from home.

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With LOLCloud Phone you can replicate your office phone configuration in any location which has a high speed internet connection.
Set up a secure and professional phone service via Internet (VoIP) in your home office, with your usual office phone number, including your extension. LOLCloud Phone service is completely transparent to the persons you communicate with. They will not know if you are working from the office or from home.

Work from home just like at the office
All the features of the LOLCloud Phone service are available whether you are at the office or at home.
  • - Dial Plan
  • - Cascading calls
  • - Call forwarding and transfer
  • - BLF functions
  • - Call waiting
  • - Messaging
  • - Hold music
  • - ...
Plug & Play Installation
To install a telephone set, you just have to connect it to your home network via Wi-Fi or with an Ethernet cable.
We also offer telephones that can be used with Wi-Fi, but we recommend the wired solution.
Manage your presence
Via a simplified and secure login/logout system, your employees can activate and deactivate your telephone and thus clearly define the line between your professional and private life.
Meeting management
A telephone conference system that is integrated into the LOLCloud Phone solution that allows you to participate in group calls.

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LOLCloud allows you to store all kinds of documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoints, audio and video files, etc.) in a private space in the Cloud, so that you can easily access them from anywhere where you have internet access.

Your data is stored in secure Data Centers based in Luxembourg and is backed up on a regular basis.
This solution works like any file management system on your computer and is extremely easy to use. Storing, organising, retrieving and copying files works in the familiar way you already know.
You just have to log in with your account credentials to have all your files at your fingertips.
LOLCloud can be installed on any computer with a few clicks and can be configured as individual or collective virtual harddrives to meet your needs.
The storage capacity can be upgraded as your needs evolve without any additional installation.

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LOLMessenger is a full featured, but private, messaging system which allows all your staff, regardless of their location, to chat and collaborate with colleagues in real time. You simply login via a web browser to get instant access to all colleagues, all chat channels and the related message history.

Improved productivity

More convenient and faster than e-mails, instant messaging makes it easy to start group conversations, both private (person to person) and public (limited to all authorised users in your company).
A system administrator sets up channels organized by theme. Access to channels is managed by making them private or public. Each user can participate in multiple channels. Users can exchange messages or upload/share files. Conversations, as well as attachments, are automatically saved.

Enhanced communication

- Audio and video calls, allow you to communicate live and with several participants.
- Users can easily update their presence status to show their availability to colleagues.
- The notification features can be set to notify users in real time when direct messages are sent and to show the overall activity for each channel.

Easy to use

LOLMessenger is very easy to use - you just have to log in with your credentials on a web browser and you are ready to go. Also, the LOLMessenger mobile app allows you to use it on the go.

Increased working comfort

The chat is recommended to be used for questions/issues which do not require an immediate response. Thus avoiding unnecessary interruptions by phone and allowing staff more time to concentrate on tasks at hand before dealing with questions from colleagues.

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LOLVPN provides controlled and secure access to a private (company) network from any location via a standard internet connection. Also from home.

With LOLVPN you can securely give authorised staff access to the company network while they work from home, with the same privileges as in the office.

LOLVPN uses standard VPN technology (Virtual Private Network) to encrypt all communications in order to securely extend access to the private (company) network via a standard internet connection.
With LOLVPN authorised employees can securely access all the data they need for their job, while working from home.

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