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Landline issues

If there is a problem with your telephone line, check the following:

Is your Internet connection working?

If the answer is no, please check your Internet connection first.

Please check if the telephone is properly plugged

Connect the telephone directly to the wall outlet

In case you have a filter, try connecting the modem without it, that is, directly to the wall. If this solves the problem, this means that your filter is faulty. In that case, please bring it to our shop - we will replace it if necessary.

Try with another phone

Is the problem gone now? If so, this probably means that your first phone is faulty.

Check the condition of the electrical socket:

  • Remove the dust from the cable and socket.
  • Plug another device to the same socket and observe the results.
  • Try plugging the modem to a different socket.
  • Try removing any extension or power strip.

Check the condition of your cable

It must be in good condition, that is to say neither folded nor damaged. Test with another cable and check if the problem is resolved.

Make sure the phone isn't too close to the modem

DECT phones and more generally, all wireless devices can disrupt the modem.
The minimum distance between these devices is 50 cm.

Please note

Think of regularly cleaning your electrical sockets. Dust can build up and cause disturbances with the quality of the signal

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