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Go beyond the limits of business telephony with this tailor-made and scalable telephone solution.

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Enjoy unlimited collaboration with next-generation fixed telephony. Luxembourg Online offers a complete solution on fixed and mobile phones as well as on computers.

Work from home just like at the office

Call without counting. Enjoy the full range of features whether you're in the office or at home: Call Forwarding and Transfer, Conference Calls, Call Waiting, Call Groups, View Current Calls, Do Not Disturb and more.

Multi-site solution

Communicate easily across your company's different locations. All locations can have the same number and each employee can have their own extension.

Attendance management

Via a simple and secure system, your employees can activate or deactivate their phone to clearly delineate work/private time.

Your office phone follows you wherever you go!

With the mobile application you can manage and use your office phone while on the move without the inconvenience and limitations of being on the move.

Professional image guaranteed

When making a call, the application allows you to display your office phone number instead of your private number.

Boost your productivity

Your fixed functionalities within your mobile: the LOLCLOUD Phone application provides you with a whole range of services to improve your company's performance and ensure efficient collaboration.

An affordable solution

Talk to your colleagues at no extra cost, even abroad. Make and receive calls via the cellular data network or WIFI connection, without charging your call plan.

Use your computer as a desk phone for top efficiency

Your business number on your computer

Call from your computer to fixed and mobile numbers worldwide.

Your office, anywhere, anytime

You no longer need to sit at your desk to access phone features and handle your business calls. Your office follows you wherever you go.

All-round features

Your work tool becomes all-in-one. With one click, call and pick up the phone while you continue working. Enjoy rich and easy-to-use features.

Why choose our fixed telephony solutions?


Save money by reducing your communication costs with our all-inclusive, unlimited packages.


All your costs are combined in one bill! Simplify your life with a single monthly invoice for all your subscriptions.


Our technical teams take care of everything, from installation on our network to maintenance and upgrades.


Luxembourg Online has more than 30,000 customers to date. What if you were next?