Broadband access, up to 1 Gbit/s

Fiber allows for significantly faster downloads and more comfortable web browsing. You can send and receive large files in just a few seconds.

Continuity of service guarantee

4G back-up included, guaranteeing a permanent connection with automatic switchover to 4G in case of loss of the main internet access. Moreover, integrated directly into your modem, no installation or deployment time required .

Keep your fixed IP or the range of fixed IP when switching to the 4G connection. This way you can keep all your services running smoothly.

Priority service guaranteed

The Fibre Pro range incorporates a priority support level with response times within 4 working hours. Our technicians are available by phone and on site if needed 7 days a week.

Cybersecurity included

Protect yourself from cyber attacks before they reach your company network! This way, your employees' Internet access and web usage are protected.

Active monitoring

The active monitoring of your Internet access allows us to guarantee an optimal quality of your connection and to benefit from a quick assistance in case of malfunction. Our teams actively monitor your lines in order to act in real time, in case of a possible problem.