About Luxembourg Online

Luxembourg Online was founded in 1995 and is one of Luxembourg‘s main telecommunication operators, specialising in Internet, television, fixed and mobile telephone services as well as in network and software development.

Luxembourg Online is a 100% privately-owned company and is part of a group that encompasses two other firms called Silis Sarl and Getra Sarl, with more than 100 employees distributed over 3 premises across the country.


As 'A'-license holders, our main activity is to provide Internet, fixed and mobile telephone as well as IP television services.
To do this, we have our own network (DSL and fiber optics) and have a presence in more than 150 spots across Luxembourg.

We also have an international presence as Luxembourg Online is connected to several Internet exchange points: AMS-IX, DE-CIX, E-CIX, France-IX, LU-CIX.

Along with our employees, our job is to develop, sell and follow up on our products for over 30,000 private and corporate customers in Luxembourg.


Since its creation, Luxembourg Online‘s goal has been to provide its customers and clients with the best performing Internet connection possible.

In order to achieve this, the company has massively invested in infrastructure, mainly in fiber optics deployment. This next-generation technology is gradually replacing the classic Internet as we know it.

As an innovative telecommunications operator, Luxembourg Online has developed its own network across the country, which covers nearly the entirety of the country.

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Always with the desire to innovate, Luxembourg Online has launched the LOLCLOUD service, representing the next generation of telephone exchanges.

Your communications now go through our Cloud service instead of your usual fixed telephone line.

This kind of installation allows for multi-site usage of your telephone sets while keeping the same number.


Nous avons également développé un nouveau service de stockage de données en ligne, qui vous permet de stocker et partager vos documents, images, vidéos dans un espace en ligne, accessible de partout.

LOLCLOUD allows you to easily access your files, whether you are using a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

This service is therefore available anytime under the form of an app, an extra computer disc or a web interface.


Luxembourg Online is firmly rooted within the luxembourgish telecommunications market.
Having been founded over 25 years ago, Luxembourg Online is the second oldest telecoms operator in the Grand-Duchy.

The development and respect of company-specific values is an essential element in its sustainability.


Luxembourg Online possesses its own Internet network across the country and is therefore at the forefront of autonomous development of its products and services.


Luxembourg Online was one of the main innovators of the Internet technology in the Grand-Duchy. Its teams are therefore perfectly trained to meet the high-tech needs of the telecommunications market in Luxembourg.

Data management

With the emergence of new technology, data protection has become a main priority for us. Luxembourg Online is therefore committed to not use, transfer or use the personal data of its customers without first getting their explicit consent.