Access control

Secure your premises and employees with an IP intercom at the entrance of your building. This integrated software is designed for managing access to buildings and monitoring the status of access panels in real time.

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  • Entry and exit control
  • No more key management means no more losing, forgetting, untraceability, etc.
  • Remote door opening
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Centralised software for improved employee follow-up
  • Quick system setup
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Protect your workplace

The IP intercom system is designed to protect for your premises, employees and goods. These electric doors allow you to limit access to your employees and specific visitors.

Installed on the company's computer network, the IP intercom allows you to greet your guests from any telephone and open the door at the touch of a button.

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Check the time at which your employees enter and leave the office

Check who is currently inside your building and track the staff's time and attendance. Several identification methods can be used to access the premises, such as a badge, a personal card or a PIN code.


An HR support tool:

Check the clocking directly from your software

Easier employee follow-up by calculating their working time, checking break time duration and monitoring overtime.

The IMG_ALT_ICON_PLUS_IN_CIRCLE statistics per employee can be generated for a given period of time

Access control management

But also, a security follow-up

History and notifications of all events

React quickly, thanks to the alert system. Be warned in real time of events, intrusions, delays, ... In addition, you have access to the history of the pictures taken by the cameras.

Remote access controller management:

Have an access controller that stopped working? The software allows you to monitor the status of access controllers in real time, as well as intervening promptly.

Access from smartphone

Access control right from your smartphone

Our LOLCLOUD Phone mobile app allows you to communicate with visitors from anywhere right from your mobile phone - so you can let them in even when you are not on the premises!

Access from smartphone


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