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Centralization of all your files in a secure online space

The LOLCLOUD solution allows you to centralise all types of digital content on servers located in Luxembourg, which are managed by Luxembourg Online. We take care of the operation and maintenance of this service, which is easily accessible through a web browser, a workstation and even a mobile application. Once connected to the Internet, professionals can access their documents at any time and automatically synchronise them on all their fixed and mobile devices.

For this cloud solution, Luxembourg Online focuses on data security and the reliability of its services, by developing backup and encryption options. Data is therefore protected between your computer and our data centres in Luxembourg.

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  • 5 GB storage


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  • 25 GB storage


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  • 100 GB storage

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Your benefits


The LOLCLOUD service is accessible from your computer, tablet or mobile phone and via different platforms such as Mac OS, Android, Windows or iOS.


To guarantee the privacy of professional documents, LOLCLOUD encrypts all data and allows access only after authentication.


Your company data is centralised and stored on our servers in Luxembourg. Access to the service is totally secure thanks to a required authentication.


By default, Luxembourg Online provides you with a daily backup of all your business documents, hosted on its servers.