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Mesh Wi-Fi for businesses

A solution specially designed for the office

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Wi-Fi with find network
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Our Mesh Wi-Fi solution for professional use

The purpose of this solution is to set up one or more devices at strategic spots of your premises in order to complement your modem.

Mesh technology allows you to enjoy a powerful and fully efficient Wi-Fi network without connection drops.


Optimal Wi-Fi coverage

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Smaller for less clutter

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High-performance tri-band Wi-Fi

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Quick setup process

Mesh setups

You can go for the installation method that best suit your needs:

Wi-Fi installation in apartment
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WAP setup

Wireless Access Points (WAPs) are connected to the modem by Ethernet cable and broadcast the Wi-Fi signal.


  • Total Wi-Fi coverage
  • Consistent, stable connectivity
  • Optimal Wi-Fi signal
Wi-Fi installation in apartment
Cursor icon Network cabling required

Repeater setup

The repeaters pick up and repeat the existing Wi-Fi signal at the location where you place them. Easy to install, just plug the boxes into an electrical outlet of your choice and configure them with a simple click.


  • Total Wi-Fi coverage
  • Consistent, stable connectivity
  • Quick and easy setup

Our technical experts at your disposal

Our team of technicians are at your disposal and will handle everything, from setting up the Mesh Wi-Fi repeaters to connecting the equipment in your office.