Time registration system

Check in wherever you are!

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  • Need to secure access to your premises?
  • Is your staff constantly on the move?
  • Need to geolocate their clock-ins and outs?
  • Need evidence of them coming by?
  • Need to charge on-site services?
  • Our mobile app is the one solution for following up on the activity of your mobile staff!

Why use our clocking terminal?

  • Clock in and out wherever you are with real time geolocation.
  • No more on-site clocking terminals - your smartphone replaces them!
  • Check when your employees enter and leave the office in real time.
  • Check the time at which your providers came by your customers' premises.
  • No installation needed, just download our app now!
  • Follow up on everything from your online account!

Simplify tracking of hours worked

A complete mobile application, which will allow you to clock in and out wherever you are, sign in and out for breaks, justify delays, and even track the time of your providers!

With its real-time geolocation system, the application will automatically detect where you are.

ERROR:IMG_ALT_ICON_PLUS_IN_CIRCLE(en) For even more ease of use, you can also predefine clock-in/out locations in order to display them on the selection list!


Manage everything from your online account

  • Search by date, employee, location, ...
  • Configure predefined tracking locations in the application.
  • Customise your own tracking profiles.


What are you waiting for? Get three months free to use our connected time clock!